Quick Fix : WSUS Client Targeting not working

Just a quick post, I had recently rebuilt a WSUS Server at a client site and, as is normal procedure for me, totally changed how this was setup compared to the previous one.

In the previous server we had groups for each OS, which was fine when we had a mixture of them, but now all clients are on the same OS and having all 200+ machines in a single group made little sense to me.

So I decided to split them up based on machine age (using a WMI filter I could select the different model of PC) So, each model (or group of models) got their own GPO and their own WSUS Group which was great, except client side targeting was not working.

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Windows 10 on WSUS Shows as Windows Vista

Update: 15/10/2015
Please see below comment from Michael regarding Hotfix 3095113 which resolves this issue.
I noticed a thread on a forum regarding Windows 10 reporting to WSUS as Windows Vista. This was a problem if you recall for Windows 8 and Server 2012 simply reporting as Windows 6.3 or similar.

Since WSUS received no updates that i was aware of to fix that issue at the time, i found a SQL Command here that updated the WSUS DB to reflect the correct OS name.

Revisiting that now, It was easy enough to modify this to have WSUS report a Windows 10 machine, as Windows 10!

Granted, at this point it only appears that this is a useful workaround – not a permanent fix! (updated 05/08/2015)

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Enabling WSUS on Windows Server 2012 Essentials

metroSkipping over the usual boring intro on the whys and wherefores of a subject i write about i thought id just crack on and tell you how to get this done.

First on your Essentials Server you will need to install this hotfix. After you install this hotfix the WSUS Role is available.

That is correct, WSUS is a ROLE not something you need to download as it was previously.

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