Free eBook : Office 365 Signature Management

ExclaimerIf you have been following my blog for any length of time you will no doubt have seen me mention Exclaimer. They are an integral part of the solutions we offer to our clients providing high quality software to centrally manage email branding.

J. Peter Bruzzese has written a new ‘Conversational Geek’ eBook for Exclaimer highlighting their Office 365 Signature Management software, which you can claim for FREE just by clicking this link. Read more of this post

Quick Fix : WSUS Client Targeting not working

Just a quick post, I had recently rebuilt a WSUS Server at a client site and, as is normal procedure for me, totally changed how this was setup compared to the previous one.

In the previous server we had groups for each OS, which was fine when we had a mixture of them, but now all clients are on the same OS and having all 200+ machines in a single group made little sense to me.

So I decided to split them up based on machine age (using a WMI filter I could select the different model of PC) So, each model (or group of models) got their own GPO and their own WSUS Group which was great, except client side targeting was not working.

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Essentials Server PCI Compliance and TLS 1.0

I recently wrote some articles for Third Tier regarding Essentials Servers and TLS 1.0, so if you are looking for guidance on what to do or how to do it, or even what happens when you have found out what to do and then done it. Look no further than the Third Tier blog.

If you are also interested in SBS 2011 Standard, well then take a look at this.

Windows 7 VSS Error–Essentials Backups Failed

WindowsVistaBackupIconThis issue came up on our own internal accounts machine, so it was pretty critical to get it resolved.

Seemingly out of the blue, the machine decided to stop backing up. There was nothing particularly helpful in the logs on the Essentials Server. Checking the logs on the client itself revealed a string of VSS related errors.

I decided to abandon the Client PC backup at this point, because if the underlying cause was VSS, then what we need to do was fix VSS and then this would also fix the client backups. Read more of this post

Configuring a Raspberry Pi as a Dashboard display

raspberry-pi-logoA while ago my TV died. I say it died, my wife called to say it had a funny blank line running through it, and rather than investigate I took it as a signal that the Universe wanted me to buy a new TV, and you can’t argue with the power of the Universe.

As it turns out there was nothing wrong with it, but who wants to keep a seven year old TV when you can upgrade to a 40” Smart TV with Netflix and Wi-Fi built-in?

Anyway, this led to me having a spare TV, and as my wife ‘wanted that thing out of the house’ I was left with no choice but to take it to the office.

Paul, the owner at IT Authority, then wanted to know ‘what that thing’ was doing in his office. Not wanting to reveal my secret plan to install an Xbox into the office, I said I had donated it to put on the wall to display our dashboards.

Honestly looking back I don’t know where that idea came from, but I was stuck with the task of making it work.

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Outlook Office 365 System Folder Names appear with 1

RSS Feeds1After an Office 365 migration I had noticed I had some duplicate folders in my Outlook. The duplicate folder appeared with a 1 next to the folder name, and what’s worse it was on the ‘System Folders’ like Junk Mail or RSS Feeds.

you might be forgiven for thinking, so what? well indeed, but it was annoying the hell out of me and this is my website, so there you go..

I tried numerous times to remove them, or delete them, and replace them with new folders. Of course none of this worked. Read more of this post


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