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20 Responses to Quick Fix: Outlook 2013 Unable to Delete Primary Account–Updated

  1. An Actual IT Engineer says:

    Delete this bullshit walk through. You are breaking peoples computers

  2. Pounder_Moughmore says:

    This worked for me with no issues.

  3. mathew says:

    There is a better way to do this without editing the registry.
    1. Open Control Panel and launch the Mail/Mail (32-bit) applet
    2. Designate another email account as the Default
    3. Designate another data file as the Default
    4. Close the applet
    5. Launch Outlook
    6. Close Outlook
    7. Open Control Panel and launch the Mail/Mail (32-bit) applet
    8. Remove the email account.

    • i have a feeling that may not have worked at the time, for whatever reason, chances are i was doing it wrong :)

    • Andy says:

      Office 365, Outlook 2013, Windows 7 Pro x64.

      This didn’t work for me – I had to use Robert’s registry hack, which did the job.

      I’d recommend backing up the whole registry beforehand.

  4. I tried mathew’s solution above with Outlook 2013. It didn’t work. Same error message about removing primary account (even though I designated a different default account). Unfortunately my old and new Exchange accounts are so similar I can’t tell the registry keys apart, so I couldn’t try Robert’s solution.

  5. CosmicKate says:

    Thank you Mathew. That worked a treat for me even after I had deleted the account but had an infuriating copy of it in my mail view. It was the first mail account I added to new laptop as pop instead of IMAP and although I had deleted the mail account all I needed to do was delete the data file. Why does MS make is so hard sometimes? Thank you again.

  6. Tony says:

    It worked – thanks!

  7. Lakmal says:

    this is the only thing that worked for me! thankss :)

  8. dymondy2k says:

    This did the trick!

  9. Sam says:

    I can confirm this breaks things! Its luck of the draw wheter or not this will break things like mail in control panel from working in my case it broke… thanks for causing me several hours of additional work.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks for clearing the guide up Robert, in my case when I did this it made “Mail” under control panel break when opening a profile, it would crash completely, to fix that all I did was run repair install of outlook and this seemed to fix things in my case.

  10. Daniel B says:

    This is a horrible design by MS, but this is also a horrible article, not nearly specific enough about what to delete.

  11. Chris says:

    It took some mind warping but it worked on the first try. Thanks for this!

  12. Misael. says:

    You can try Mattew solution. But add a new Profile on the Mail APP

  13. Ariel Abaca says:

    Excelent procedure, and a very simple one! It resolved my problem just like that.
    Thanks from Argentina.

  14. Sebastiaan says:

    For me the following worked: Configuration Screen -> Mail -> Profiles -> Add new profile -> Set using profile to newly created one and remove the old one.

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