Quick Fix: Essentials Connector Install Fails after Windows 10 Rollback

metroI was helping a friend with some Essentials Connector install issues last night. One of the clients was a Windows 7 Pro machine, that had recently been rolled back from Windows 10. On this network the Server was a Windows Home Server 2011, and the connector had been working fine following the upgrade to Windows 10. After the roll back, the backups stopped working, so my friend decided to uninstall the connector and reinstall.

This is when he discovered he could not reinstall the connector. It would get to around 99.9% complete, and even appear in the dashboard, but at the last second the progress bar would start going back to the start and we would see an error on the Connector install screen.

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SBS 2011 Standard – Disable TLS 1.0

SSLSo you have completed a PCI Compliance scan, and you need to disable TLS 1.0?

You may have found the instructions here from TechNet which explain how to edit the registry to disable TLS 1.0, SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0. What they don’t go onto explain is that this will break your RDP/RDP Gateway Connections.

Given that , as i understand it, the requirement to disable TLS 1.0 is being enforced from June 2016 i thought it was worth running through and sharing the process.

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Quick Fix: Office 365 DirSync Hide a user from Global Address List

This week i have been working on some process automation, around a user leaving an organisation using Office 365.

DirSync (and it’s newer iterations) has been a very useful for Password Sync and User creation, however it can be a bit of a drag when it comes to editing mailbox settings. In this case, Hiding a user from the Global Address List.

Set-Mailbox Error On Prem

So to hide the Mailbox from our Office 365 Address List we need to use ADSIEdit and change the msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute to True, then wait for DirSync to do it’s thing. Read more of this post

Quick Fix: Office 2016 Downgrade to Office 2013 (Office 365)

LogoI have a client who still runs Exchange 2007. They are quite a large firm and have well over 150 seats. For reasons i wont go into they purchase their Office software via the OEM channel along with any new PC or Device.

They recently went out and acquired a Surface Pro 3, but didn’t order Office. At the same time they also acquired a MacBook Pro which also needed a copy of Office. We decided this was a good time to get them started on moving to Office 365 and signed up for two licenses.

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Quick Fix: Delegate an Office 365 Partner Administrator Account

LogoThis is something that no amount of searching for could give me the answer to. I had to blindly stumble through the portal, and i understand this is probably obvious to those more familiar with the partner side of Office 365.

So, the problem i had was we had signed up to Office 365 as a partner, we were adding clients and had all the delegated administration setup perfectly. Except that the only account that could access the Partner Tab, was our initial Office 365 Administrator account. Read more of this post

Quick Fix : Operations are in Progress, Please wait.

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metroFirst day back from holiday today, and already blog post fodder is flying at me.

I have seen this issue reported on the forums a few times, but only ever seen it myself once on a Windows 7 desktop machine, when an Acronis image was in progress.

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Small Business Server 2011 Standard–Windows 10

sbsstdI recently did a series of posts about Essentials Servers and Windows 10.

I am just picking up on one issue with SBS Standard (2011) where you have to manually edit a file relating to the /Connect process.

Normally this is straight forward, and the instructions on the MS blog post are fine, except it gave me a major OCD headache. Read more of this post


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